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Since its creation and long before any environmental recommendation was issued, the Royal Ostend Golf Club has been paying every effort to protect the beautiful dunes and their original fauna and flora.

In 2003 the ROGC introduced a ten year ecological management
plan which aims to harmonize a top golf links course
with a respectful ecological vision.

A massive reduction in watering, pesticides and chemical fertilization
was decided and obtained. Reseeding with more
dryness tolerant grasses (fescue and bent) is still going on.
Reintroduction of natural dune biotopes with removal of
foreign species facilitated the reappearance of birds, amphibians,
flowers and butterflies that had disappeared since many

This project is imbedded in a Nature Directive Plan for the
Dunes of the Belgian coast, supported by the Flemish Government.

The ROGC is the first Belgian Golf Club that obtained a five
stars GEO certification.


Mr. Boudewijn Van de Maele, President Claude Barbier and Governor Carl Decaluwé

Environmental Prize 2015