Season 2020
01/01/2019 to 31/12/2019 weekday (*Monday to Thursday)
on Friday, weekends & holidays
€ 80,00
€ 95,00
groups (12 players or more) weekday*
groups (12 players or more) on Friday
€ 65,00
€ 75,00
Juniors (under age 18): reduction 50 %
Subscription for 12 rounds (personal, validity 1 year, 1 subscription/year): € 800,00

General Conditions:
- Federal and Handicap certificate are mandatory
- max. hcp 34 (weekend high season max. hcp 28 !)
- Between 12.00 and 14.00 p.m.: ROGC-members only

Dress Code of the Royal Ostend Golf Club
Compulsory on the course and practice facilities (driving range, pitching range, practice greens & bunkers).

In addition to classic golf attire, the following are:

For male golfers:
o Bermuda shorts with long stockings
o Bermuda shorts with mid-length stockings
For female golfers:
o Bermuda shorts with short socks
o Sleeveless sports shirts with collar

o Golf shoes
o Soft spikes during the high season (1st April – 31st October) 
o For male golfers: shirts must be tucked into the trousers

o Collarless tee shirts
o Shorts
o Tracksuits
o Attire with ostentatious markings
o For male golfers : short stockings

The Board members, the members of the Sport Committee and the club staff are mandated to impose the dress code by banning offenders from the course.